Certification FAQ

Certification FAQ

If it is a challenge consulting question, please post it to https://forms.gle/V5Xy8omAXZuNSRgc9 . We are working our way through those questions and answering them either here in the FAQ or during one of the biweekly Crush U Calls. If it is a question regarding your account, payments, logins, etc. please go to pedroadaosupport.com . We have implemented a new chat bot that interacts with our systems and can answer many questions immediately; any issues it cannot answers will be sent to a live person and/or assigned a ticket.

Where do I send my prospective client to sign up for their Case Study?

Please see the current “Current Pricing Packages” details in your “Challenge Certified Partners Toolbox” course: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sjbkxIC13bS8TdBrOcwjai4yOyqwGpY-/view

* Crush It With Challenges Course
* Challenge Design consulting
* Oversight of challenge execution
* Funnel templates (and graphic templates… if you come to a workshop you get Done with You graphics, Videos, and time to implement funnels and ads.)
* 30-minute client consultation with Pedro or Team (based on availability)

This Silver package only includes the DESIGN of the challenge, not the running of the challenge nor the filling of the challenge with traffic. Your “right fit client” should agree to a Level 1 Challenge or have the resources to take care of the running and filling on their own. You are welcome to provide that to your client or find other resources for your client (Fiverr, Phillippines, Google), but that is outside the scope of the $7500 case study fee and agreement.

You will get help creating those when you attend a workshop.

You can also post for help within Crush U, as well as Crush it with Challenges. Lastly, google or ask other’s for references or referrals, (Fiverr, Phillippines, Google)

Pedro is building an inhouse agency for himself first. Once we have the right resources in place and able to deliver on all of Pedro’s projects, we may have opportunities to make them available for other projects. But this timing is not known nor guaranteed.

We would encourage you to build your skillset and confidence by making sure you have done the following that are part of your case study requirements:

* Complete the Crush it with Challenges Course
* Work on your Dissertation. This will solidify the language and concepts so you are better prepared to communicate with your client about challenges
* Complete the Workshops on behalf of your client to design and know how to run and fill their challenge.

These steps will then allow you to complete a client challenge and submit your case study results (see the Case Study Requirements).

Pedro has said he will consider a referral fee or partnership on a case-by-case basis.

We are handling these on a case-by-case basis and still desiging this process. On a one-off basis, we can send an invoice after payment with a request. This corporate prospect STILL needs to submit the application at challengeconsulting.com, even if they do not submit a payment.

You can do a revshare deal, however, they still have to apply and pay the $7500 as an ADVANCE against your earnings. Pedro strongly advises against revshares, and currently requires advances before meeting with clients. If they shrink back now, they are likely to shrink back at other points and all the risk is being transferred onto YOU, the consultant. They may never run the challenge. They may not run ads or commit ad spend. The $7500 shows the value you are providing and ensures you do not work for free. Consider that you may not have yet found the “Right Fit Client”.

It depends on the challenge. Your membership in Crush U comes with significant affiliate percentage for both the Crush it with Challenges Course and some challenges of Pedro’s where the back-offer is Crush it with Challenges. Pedro has other companies he runs challenges for that you are not eligible to affiliate for, unless you are also in those programs. We do not currently allow the selling of his book, as it is made available as a bonus on challenges at times.

Yes, you have 50% affiliate as part of your Crush U membership. Please check your emails for an email from XXXX with subject of ZXXX on how to sign up to be an affiliate and get access to the portal for your link and tracking.

$3,000 of it is paid out to you upon the application, review of the application, approval of the application, and client payment submitted at www.challengeconsulting.com. You must invoice us at …… . The remaining $3,000 will be paid out to you after you submit your case study requirements and your results are reviewed and accepted and you invoice us.

Yes. Please reference your “Challenge Certified Partners Toolbox” course within your membership area. You can find it by visiting course.crushitwithchallenges.com and clicking on:

Step 1: Visit: course.crushitwithchallenges.com
Step 2: Click Challenge Certified Partners Toolbox
Step 3: Click the lessons “Current Certification Requirements” and “Case Study Submission Guide”

Pedro has acknowledged that people will create their own deals and agreements. Just know that, by doing so, you may not be eligible to be Certified as a Partner with the results of challenges designed outside of the current scope of the Case Study requirements. All Case Studies must currently pay the $7500 fee/advance, so incude that in the terms of your deal.

The cost to run a challenge is very dependent upon your existing mail list and the outcome you want to accomplish with your challenge. If you are just wanting to LEARN, you can run a challenge at no cost with just a free Facebook Group and a smart phone. If your client has an existing mail list, you can email them for free and invite them to your challenge. You can also post on social media and within related Facebook Groups for free, with their permission. Lastly, you can affiliate with someone else that has a list/followers and have them promote your challenge. Beyond that, it depends on if your client will want a funnel built, graphics designed, videos produced, or Ads created and run. You can use the templates we shared with you in your CIWC course to customize graphics in Canva for your client and customize one of the Click Funnels we have shared with you. If you attend a workshop on behalf of your client, we provide a graphic intake form and a video intake form and have staff that will create those for you… you are still responsible for customizing the funnel on behalf of your client. If your client is larger, they may have in-house resources for graphics and funnels and ads. If not, they or you will need to source that for yourselves, that is beyond the scope of the current case study program.

We did a 3-part “Case Study” series during our training calls that helps you frame the conversation with a right-fit client. We’ve also created a few outreach swipe files so you can begin outreach right away: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eutKiLXNekpXA_bmmUPmNrCiZUUp2PG3f7y9pHuAA7k/edit?usp=sharing

No. Pedro is testing this on his current challenge. It is best to use the tested framework with your own challenges until we see the results and impact on the pixel. We are pioneering and will share the results.

Go organic with a simple, one-page funnel to a FREE challenge and try to remove all obstacles to getting into the FB group (no VIP, etc.). You can also go back to a PAID challenge.