How to Run a Challenge – Video Library

How To Run A Challenge with Facebook

A series of videos to help you get your best foot forward creating challenges.

How to create Facebook group

How to add people to a Facebook group

How to give permissions for admin/moderator

How to set group settings

How to create an event

How to create a unit

Ideas on watching for content in the group, how to collect for social proof

How to create a zoom

How to go live in FB through Zoom

How to set up callfire

How to send call fire

How to let people into group

How to add facebook group request questions and group policies

How to add images as Facebook cover

Adding Facebook group description

Adding custom setting URL for Facebook group

How to make announcement in Facebook and pin to the top

What to do if live zoom integration is not working

How to remove people from group

How to delete comments

How to archive group

How to stream live with pre-recorded content

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